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LaserTune™: Widely Tunable Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser

An R&D 100 Award Finalist

Block Engineering's next generation LaserTune represents a significant leap forward in offering the ultimate mid-IR, pulsed Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) source to meet the ever challenging requirements of the research community. The fully integrated "single box" concept has been taken to new extremes with a significant reduction in footprint size, saving considerable laboratory bench space. This single box also offers the widest gap-free tuning range available on the market of 5.4 - 12.8 microns. No external power supply or control peripherals are required.

The LaserTune can now be programmed to operate in several modes including Move Tune (manual control), Step Tune with programmable steps, and Sweep Tune with programmable sweep parameters. LaserTune offers an extremely fast sweep capability at 25 cm-1 per millisecond. The system supports pulse durations of between 30 to 300 nsec, a repetition rate of up to ~3 MHz, and a duty-cycle of up to 8%. The pulses can be internally triggered at regular intervals with an available sync-out signal. External triggering is also supported. The beam size is roughly 2 mm x 4 mm with industry leading pointing stability.

Key Benefits & Advantages

  • Configurable with one to four mid-IR lasers to achieve your desired gap-free wavelength range up to 5.4-12.8 µm
  • Wavenumber sweeps, step functions, or static wavenumber control
  • MCT detector option provides an all-in-one spectrometer capability
  • On-board software allows you to easily control the laser and synchronously collect the detector signal to produce a complete exportable spectra
  • SDK provided enables rapid integration

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