Block Engineering's LaserWarn Wins Prestigious MILIPOL Innovation Award

Southborough, MA – November 21, 2019

Block Engineering, LLC has won the prestigious MILIPOL 2019 Innovation Award in the category of Crisis Management. The award was given to Block for its new LaserWarn™ early warning hazardous gas and chemical detection system. MILIPOL is one of the world's leading homeland security and safety events, with over 1,000 exhibitors. The prize was formally delivered on November 19th, 2019 on the MILIPOL convention Innovation Stage in Paris.

Block's new LaserWarn offers rapid stand-off detection, identification, and early warning of chemical attacks and toxic chemical releases. Eye-safe lasers are set up within or around a facility creating an invisible mesh (a "chemical tripwire") covering thousands of square meters. When a chemical plume crosses any of the laser beams ("trips the wire"), alarms or chemical identification warnings are generated.

Richard Nelson, Block's Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, commented, "Block is honored to receive the MILIPOL Innovation Award. The LaserWarn system is currently protecting people around the world from chemical threats. LaserWarn can operate stand-alone or as part of an integrated command and control system that monitors the environment around critical infrastructure such as transportation terminals, federal buildings, military bases, and stadiums; and can direct an appropriate response to each threat, to protect victims and responders."

Al Weggeman, Block's President, commented, "I am extremely proud of the effort by the Block team in making this achievement possible. We are honored to receive this prestigious award and it serves as a validation of the strong impact that LaserWarn continues to have in the safety and security markets. Our mission continues to be the delivery of products and solutions that help protect those who protect us, as well as the general public."

About Block Engineering LLC:

Block is a leading provider of safety and security detection equipment and process analyzers for commercial, OEM, and global government customers. Block has been awarded numerous government contracts over the past decade for the application of its technologies toward the detection of explosives, buried IEDs, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial materials, and chemical clouds.

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