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Our Products

Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Products

Block has created IR absorption spectrometers and a mid-IR source, based on widely tunable (up to 1100 cm-1) QCL lasers. The fully-integrated systems utilize a high brightness source, which results in high spectral power density and radiance. Our QCL spectrometers can measure at standoff distances with high sensitivity and can rapidly analyze highly absorbent or diffusive materials.

  • LaserSense™ is a compact Quantum Cascade Laser-based gas detection system based on infrared absorption spectroscopy. LaserSense can also used for endpoint detection, as well as in process and environmental monitoring applications.
  • LaserSense-CV™ is a BTU, Calorific Value, and Wobbe Index analyzer for the natural gas industry.
  • LaserSense-ML™ is a version of the LaserSense designed for hydrocarbon gas (C1-C5) detection in mud logging and other oil and gas applications.
  • LaserWarn™ is an open-path chemical detection system designed to detect chemical leaks and threats 24/7 from a distance of up to 500 meters (up to 3 kilometers in extended configuration). The system detects CWAs, TICs/TIMs, and other target gases.
  • LaserTune™ is a tunable mid-IR source. The fully integrated LaserTune system has the widest tuning range (5.4 - 12.8 microns) of any mid-IR QCL source available.
  • MCT IR Detector Module™ is a thermoelectrically cooled detector element and preamplifier package optimized for acquiring spectral data with the LaserTune source. The module is also available as a stand-alone detector.


FTIR Spectroscopy Products

Block has five decades of experience in developing chemical sensing devices using advanced spectroscopic techniques, such as Passive FTIR, Standard FTIR, and grating-based spectrometers. Our Standoff Chemical Detection products are used extensively by the Military and Department of Homeland Security, and their ruggedness and reliability have been tested and validated for over 10 years.

  • PORTHOS™ is a portable, fully integrated system, which contains the M140 FTIR spectrometer, complete chemical recognition software, built-in self calibration, on board data storage and battery.