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For over 50 years, Block Engineering has been a leader in mid-infrared detection instruments. Its industry-leading Quantum Cascade Laser spectrometers and mid-IR laser sources offer the widest tunable range and most rapid, non-contact surface analysis on the market today. Block's compact FTIR and QCL modules also offer OEM customers new choices for integration into their own gas sensing and surface analysis products.


Block is pleased to introduce the new LaserScan, the industry's first hand-held QCL based detector. The LaserScan allows non-contact analysis of the targeted surface or substance, and weighs under 5 pounds.

Block also recently released the new LaserTune QCL Source and two new products for OEM customers: the ultra-compact Mini-QCL Quantum Cascade Laser OEM module, featuring 250 cm-1 per module, and the Mini-FT OEM FTIR module, which includes an integrated interferometer/detector.

Click for a video demonstration of the new LaserTune by Block Vice Presidents Scott Riggi and Erik Deutsch.

Also, see our new application note on Rapid Detection of Silicone Contamination for Industrial Applications and a new article on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy using Block's LaserTune.