Block Engineering Launches Next Generation of Its LaserWarn Chemical Threat Detection Product

Southborough, MA – July 21, 2020

Block Engineering Launches Next Generation of Its LaserWarn Chemical Threat Detection Product

Block Engineering, LLC, a developer of open-path, wide-area chemical detection products, has released the next generation of its award-winning LaserWarn product family. LaserWarn identifies chemical threats within seconds from hundreds of meters away, protecting people from terrorist threats and accidental chemical releases.

Block's LaserWarn products now detect and report on multiple chemicals simultaneously in real time. Additionally, the software engine has been upgraded to include AI-driven algorithms that deliver significantly lower limits of detection and near-zero false alarm rates. Chemical detection libraries are customizable for specific end-user market requirements or target applications.

The LaserWarn family now includes a ruggedized IP66-certified version for hazardous environments, as well as a lighter version that can be used in portable configurations. The quantum cascade lasers that power LaserWarn are eye-safe and provide coverage over a range of 90,000 square meters.

"We're very excited by the launch of our new LaserWarn product and its improved capability set," said Al Weggeman, President of Block Engineering. "We currently have LaserWarn units installed globally at airports and other transportation hubs providing 24/7 monitoring for toxic industrial chemicals/materials and chemical warfare agents. This new product addition will enable us to provide even more protection capability to an even broader array of CONOPS. Our new IP66 ruggedized LaserWarn will also enable chemical manufacturers and refineries to provide similar protection against fugitive emissions and accidental chemical releases. Employees and neighboring populations can be warned within seconds about potential threats."

Dan Cavicchio, CEO of Block added, "In government testing in a critical facility, LaserWarn detected toxic gas releases one minute faster than conventional technologies. This earlier warning is the key to saving lives. We are proud of the work that the Block Engineering team has done to bring this new technology to market."

About Block Engineering LLC:

Block is a leading provider of safety and security chemical detection equipment for commercial, OEM, and global government customers. Block has been awarded numerous government contracts and awards over the past decade for the application of its technologies toward the detection of explosives, buried IEDs, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial materials, chemical clouds, and other CBRNE applications.

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