Block Engineering Wins $3,300,000 in Development Contracts

Marlborough, Massachusetts – April 23, 2009

Block Engineering announced today that it has been awarded a total of $3,300,000 in contracts from several DoD agencies to develop next generation, ultra-miniaturized infrared spectrometers, based on the company's Microelectromechanical (MEMS) and Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) technologies.

"These awards are the result of our focused efforts to demonstrate to our customers the powerful potential of our MEMS and lasers technologies," said Dr. Petros Kotidis, CEO of Block Engineering. "Over the next couple of years, Block will be introducing some very exciting products, which will redefine the concept of miniaturized, low-cost, mobile instrumentation and enable numerous, previously impossible, applications in military, industrial and medical markets."

About Block Engineering:

Block Engineering is a leading developer of high performance FT-IR spectrometers for chemical detection and analysis to military, government, commercial, and industrial customers. Its Mobile Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD) system, in partnership with Northrop Grumman Corporation, and, PORTHOS™, a portable FT-IR spectrometer system, remotely detect chemical threats as far as 3 miles and protect against chemical warfare agents and weapons of mass destruction. Block's systems are currently used to protect critical infrastructure in the Washington Capital region. Following this success, Block has applied its extensive knowledge of spectroscopy and chemical detection towards revolutionary MEMS and laser based, miniaturized spectrometers, such as the ChemPen™ — a low cost, FTIR chemical detector the size of a fountain pen — and the LaserScan™ — a handheld laser-based infrared spectrometer.

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