Block Engineering Introduces QScan™ Technology

Marlborough, MA – March 9, 2011

Block Engineering, a leading developer of mid-infrared spectroscopic devices, announced today the launch of its next generation QScan™ technology, which enables its Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) spectroscopic products to perform up to 100 spectral scans per second. This is a revolutionary technological advancement, which radically increases analysis and detection speed and improves detection limits. It will now become our standard "engine" and power both of our product lines: LaserScan™, which can analyze surface chemistries from a distance of 6 inches to 2 feet and our LaserScope™, which is a high-performance IR microscope.

"QScan™ technology offers an order of magnitude improvement in speed and detection limits relative to the QCL products that we originally introduced," said Adam Erlich, VP of Marketing and Business Development of Block Engineering. "QScan™ technology enables many applications including cleaning verification, reaction monitoring, and trace gas detection. It is a credit to our engineering team that they were able to advance our technology platform so rapidly."

Petros Kotidis, CEO of Block Engineering, commented, "The introduction of our QScan™ technology is pushing again the operational boundaries of our QCL spectrometers to even higher levels in terms of speed and detection sensitivity. This technological breakthrough is opening up even more applications in both commercial and government markets and we are looking forward to meeting and exceeding our customers' needs."

The QScan™ technology will be showcased at Pittcon in Atlanta on March 14-17, 2011.

About Block Engineering:

Founded in 1956, Block Engineering is a leading developer of high performance QCL and FT-IR spectrometers for chemical detection and analysis to military, government, commercial, and industrial customers. Its Mobile Chemical Agent Detector (MCAD) system, in partnership with Northrop Grumman Corporation, and, PORTHOS™, a portable FT-IR spectrometer system, remotely detect chemical threats as far as 3 miles and protect against chemical warfare agents and weapons of mass destruction. Block has applied its extensive knowledge of spectroscopy and chemical detection towards the commercialization of its high performance QCL based spectrometers. In addition, Block is developing a revolutionary MEMS-based, miniaturized spectrometer, the ChemPen™, which is a low cost, FTIR chemical gas detector the size of a fountain pen.

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