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LaserSense-ML™: Process Gas Analyzer for Mud-Logging


Block Engineering’s LaserSense-ML is a hydrocarbon (C1-C5) gas analyzer for mud-logging and related oil and gas applications. The Quantum Cascade Laser-based system measures hydrocarbon gases from ppm level to percent level, allowing for both sensitive detection and a large dynamic measurement range.

In mud-logging gas analysis, speed, accuracy, and uptime are critical. Drilling speeds have increased to the point that current Gas Chromatography (CG) analyses of the evolved gases have become a bottleneck for geologists. A driller could potentially miss an entire reservoir because the probing speed is now significantly faster than the analysis time.

The LaserSense-ML provides a clear alternative to traditional GC and GC/MS solutions, allowing for much quicker readings (10 seconds or faster), no costly consumables, and very little maintenance. When deployed directly at an oil drilling site, a QCL-based system allows critical decisions to be made faster and more reliably than ever before.

The LaserSense-ML is ruggedized such that measurements are not affected by vibration, allowing the unit to operate at 100% duty cycle. A pump and pressure sensor can be integrated to provide continuous monitoring in under- and over-pressure environments, and the entire gas handling path can be heated to reduce condensation of heavier hydrocarbons and water.

Lasers are eye-safe, and the unit is available in NEMA 4x and explosion-proof enclosures.

Advantages of the LaserSense-ML over Traditional GC

Key Benefits

  • Accurate detection of C1 through C5, including C4 and C5 Isomers
  • Requires no carrier gases
  • A truly continuous measurement (not a batch measurement)
  • Fast response time of 10 seconds
  • No consumables
  • Small footprint
  • Environmental/explosion proof packaging available

Download a detailed specifications sheet for the LaserSense-ML (PDF).

If you would like to discuss how the LaserSense-ML can help with your application needs, please contact us.