LaserSense-CV™: BTU Analyzer with Wobbe Index and Calorific Value Measurement

For the past 50 years, gas chromatographs have been used to analyze and measure BTU values for custody transfer, boiler/turbine efficiency and flare monitoring. However, GC technology requires a significant amount of monitoring and maintenance, creating high labor costs in field-based applications. In addition, analysis times are slower than online applications frequently require.

Block Engineering has developed the LaserSense-CV, a quantum cascade laser (QCL) based hydrocarbon analyzer that provides significant improvements over traditional gas chromatographs. The LaserSense-CV provides rapid (<10 seconds) C1-C6 gas analysis, used to compute BTU and Wobbe index. The system requires no consumables or costly maintenance.

Quantum cascade laser technology allows for:

  • Accurate speciation of hydrocarbons, enabling full natural gas analysis
  • Precise Calorific Value (CV) and Wobbe Index (WI) calculation
  • 3-10 second analysis time (typical)
  • Limited maintenance and no consumables

Block's LaserSense-CV affords significant cost savings over GC's, which require expensive replacement columns and carrier gases. In addition, Block's LaserSense-CV provides C1-C6 speciation, which Zirconium Oxide analyzers and physical property analyzers do not. Block's mid-IR QCL technology allows for readings an order of magnitude greater than near-IR analyzers, and with far broader tunability than TDLAS technology.

Download a detailed specifications sheet for the LaserSense-CV (PDF).

For further technical information, you are also invited to read our detailed application note:

Application Note AN-N06-01: Real Time Measurement of BTU, Calorific Value, and Wobbe Index including Hydrocarbon Speciation

If you would like to discuss how the LaserSense-CV can help with your application needs, please contact us.

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