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In several industries, including Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Semiconductor and Metals Processing, our Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) spectrometers bring laboratory-grade measurements to on-line and field applications.

The systems provide rapid, high resolution, high sensitivity measurements in the field – with our handheld portable sensors – or on-line. This avoids the cost, complication, and time involved in taking lab samples. Examples of important applications include:

  • Embedded, on-line sensors in refineries/chemical plants monitor product quality and detect problems early in the production cycle
  • Real-time, cross duct measurement of gases (in-line process gases or stack gases) at low sensitivity, allows in-line measurements without the need for a gas cell
  • Low-cost, accurate sensors measure BTU content of natural gas to optimize drilling operations and gas enrichment process
  • Distributed or handheld portable sensors detect leakage from pumps, valves, gear boxes for early warning and avoidance of equipment failure and process interruption
  • Sensors attached to high-power transformers monitor accumulation of gases for early warning on imminent explosions and service interruption
  • Handheld, portable devices analyze crude oil for content under field conditions and optimize drilling operations
  • On-line sensors detect completion of processes (e.g. bread baking or drying during drug manufacturing) to avoid unnecessary extra time
  • On-line sensors monitor fermentation processes during biofuel production to ensure adequate ethanol content