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Our Markets

Block's technologies and products have significant applications in security/public safety, research, and industrial markets. Block's goal is to capture a major share of these multi-billion dollar markets by providing "substance analysis" using high-functionality, mobile devices for in field, in line or in vitro operation. The problems that we solve in each industry include:


  • Early warning against terrorist attacks
  • Intelligent battlefield
  • Detection of flammables/explosives
  • Substance authentication/validation


  • Expedited drug discovery
  • Availability of "personalized" tools for research
  • Instrument accessibility to teachers/students
  • Access to multiple measurement modalities


  • Improved monitoring for efficient production
  • Avoidance of accidents
  • Minimal production interruptions
  • Rapid detection of equipment malfunctions

Future applications of our technologies and products might also include medical devices such as tissue characterization, needle guidance, cancer screening, and point-of-care devices.